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Hello, and welcome to the Karma eXtreme DCUO Branch website.

Are you interested in joining us? Read the recruiting message on the right! 

While K.eX is new to DCUO the clan itself has been around for almost 2 years now. It was formed in 2009 by a group of friends attending Bolton University, England on Global Agenda. Most of the clan lost interest in the game over time and started playing other games together. TF2, APB, CSS, Dragonica are only a few of them.
While the core members of K.eX where always the same we left a mark wherever we went. On MMOs a Karma eXtreme guild/clan would be created as soon as possible and the recruiting would begin.

DCUO is the latest branch of Karma eXtreme to be created will most likely be the biggest one pre-APB: Reloaded launch. Our most successful installment was on APB, we had a nice selection of members and rocked the League Boards a few times. All current members of Karma eXtreme are more than welcome to join any of our other branches without having to apply to them.


What is a core member?
A core member is somebody who sticks with Karma eXtreme no matter what the game and will help establish the clan on other games.

What is APB?
APB? You really don't know? It's All Points Bulleting, a shooter-mmo that both came out and got shut down in 2010. Big shame, the game was groundbreakingly amazing.

I know what APB is, but what is APB: Reloaded?
Have you been living under a rock somewhere? APB was bought out by K2 Network (not 2K Games) who own Gamers First. As a result, they are bringing it back, improved, under the name APB: Reloaded.


Guild News    

Khandaq Annihilated

AlainaKeX, Feb 19, 11 5:34 AM.
*hits the GG button 10,000,000 times*

Well done guys!

Last night we cleared Khandaq for the first time. Hell we even beat Black Adam on the second attempt. Those bloody rocks at the start took more attempts than him! (well, the last rock...) 

The following people get cookies:
  • Alaina - DPS
  • Syvyian - Tank
  • Kaerenai - Tank
  • Dr Mantis - Controller
  • LiliNoKaze - DPS
  • DeadlyBeauty - Healer
  • Tishima - Controller
  • Scarlet Jane - Healer

I am a little bit disappointed in those that didn't turn up though because we had to pug a controller and a healer. On the plus side, we recruited a new controller and healer. 
So welcome to Tishima and Scarlet Jane \o/.

The next raid is on Tuesday. We have Batcave outer sanctum. SIGN UPS ARE IN EFFECT FOR THIS RAID AND OTHER RAIDS AFTER IT. So if you havn't already, make sure you register on this website.

Once again, congratulations guys. 1 raid cleared, 1 to go.


A few changes, for smoother raiding.

AlainaKeX, Feb 17, 11 3:56 AM.
2 things

As mentioned in a previous post we are going to be making sure people are geared enough for the raid.

So, what is the requirement?

Everyone wanting to raid is expected to have all items (excl. Mask) level 30 blue and at least 75% being role-locked to your job.
For example: 
    You are a controller. You have all level 30 blues. You have 2 items which are "Role Required: Controller". 
    There is another controller. He has all level 30 blues. All of his items are "Role Required: Controller". 
    Can you guess which one I am going to take?

This does not mean whoever has the best gear gets to go. If say the second example controller signs up first and a third controller signs up and he has full Tier 1 controller gear, the controller who signed up first still gets to go. So don't worry about people with better gear taking the spots. This is NOT the case.

As of February 22nd raid sign-ups will be in effect so make sure you guys start signing up to raids. People who are confirmed after signing up are GARUNTEED a spot in the raid and a position will be reserved for them. When confirming members I will make it fair so that everybody gets a chance to raid.
If a healer signs up for Tuesday and not for Friday and another healer signs up for both Tuesday and Friday, the healer who signed up for both will be confirmed for Friday but not Tuesday.


Bugs. Gotta HATE them.

AlainaKeX, Feb 15, 11 5:34 PM.
Good job guys. Excellent turnout.
We had full raid within 10 minutes of invites starting! Keep it up.

The only problem throughout the raid (prior to Black Adam) was the game crashes and randomers coming in to fill the space. Was awkward but thankfully they were understanding and left upon asking.

The rocks at the start of the instance went much, much, MUCH better than the last time we tried it.
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd bosses... once again = lolwotizboss = pwnd.

Unfortunately we could not beat Black Adam again. This week though for entirely different reasons. BUGS!

Locking us out of the Black Adam room... are you fucking kidding me? Bah.

Anyway, sorry guys but shit happens.

Fucked up Friday.

AlainaKeX, Feb 13, 11 3:11 AM.
I am ofc talking about the Batcave on Friday 11th Feb 2011.
Something was going horribly wrong, and I think it might be related to the gear that our raiders were using.

To put things simply, I think most of the people we took to batcave were undergeared which is why there is going to be some strict enforcement on gear in raids effective from the 17th Feb onwards.
What does this mean for you you ask?
Well... this is what you need to get:
    Full level 30 blues (or better), at least 75% of which are role locked to what you are.
 Basically if you are healer with all level 30 blues and most of it is not "Role: Healer", you need to gear up.

On the flip side of the coin, I was very pleased at the turnout of people wanting to raid. The fact people turned up this time means that you are interested, keep it up guys.

Next raid is Khandaq on the Tuesday 15th Feb 2011.  


League, I am dissapoint.

AlainaKeX, Feb 9, 11 5:22 AM.
Why? Becuase we only had 5 people turn up to last night's Batcave raid. We had to pug 1 healer and 2 controllers. Where were you guys? Anyway you could chalk it up to short notice I guess. But that won't fly next time. The raid schedule has been planned out now for the next few months. When the new raids get released they will get added in between the current planned raids. 

Onto the topic of last nights raid. Although we had to pug 3 people we did quite well. We made it to the last boss... or bosses, rather. And from what we could tell... it's a bitch. From what I could see we as a league need to gear up more. So I suggest everyone starts hammering those Hard Alerts. Get into groups. Get Organized. Get gears. Then kick the crap outta those raid bosses. Amirite?

Speaking of which, today and tomorrow I will be avaible to help people farm Hard Alerts to improve gear.

Also, just a reminder. TS is not just for raiding. You can come on to talk and socialize with other league members instead of using the buggy in-game chat system. 

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All applicants must be over 18. Karma eXtreme is always recruiting social members. As for members for raiding we are currently in need of the following: 1x Tank Not what we are looking for? Don't worry! You can still join us. The "in need of" is just something we could use over other things.
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